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Food is Powerful!

I've always been fascinated by the connection between food and health.  Food has the ability to prevent, treat and heal.  I view my role as the food and nutrition expert as one of support and empowerment.  As a registered dietitian, I love helping families find realistic solutions that enable them to eat healthy foods and live active lifestyles. 
Eating should not be stressful! We are all bombarded daily by complex and often conflicting nutrition information. I am here to help you turn current relevant nutrition information into actionable steps that create real life change.  My passion is connecting people to healthy food choices and empowering people to take control of their health. Together we will focus on the importance of consistent small steps in the right direction to create long-term sustainable change.

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One-on-one nutrition support 

for children and adults

Meal planning

Cooking classes


I look forward to working with you soon! 

Althea M. Bradley MPH, RD, LDN


Meal Planning

Meal planning will help you set the framework for replicable habits and help you take control of your eating.  
Meal planning is personal and tailored to individual or family needs, likes/ dislikes and time constraints.  
There is no one size fits all meal plan!


One-on-One Nutritional Support

One-on-one nutritional support starts with a thorough evaluation of medical history, food allergies or sensitivities, GI concerns, food intake and activity, food preferences, and health and wellness goals.  We will work collectively to set achievable goals.  I have extensive experience working with children who need tube feeding or parenteral nutrition support, have severe food allergies, are picky or problem eaters, or have  complex medical needs.  My work with adults includes working with individuals living with chronic illness, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and with athletes looking to fine tune their diets to improve performance.


Cooking Classes

Jumpstart your health and wellness journey with an in-person or virtual class or workshop tailored for individuals or groups. 

Topics include but, are not limited to:
Cooking on a Budget
Vegetarian Cooking
Picky Eater VS Problem Feeder
Healthy Eating for Teens and Beyond
Food Allergies and Sensitivities
Intermittent Fasting
Carb Cycling
GI Health
The Latest Options for Tube Feeding
Eating Well with a Chronic Condition

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